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Experience The Apparel Academy taught by Mindy Martell, President of Clothier Design Source on November 9th in St Paul, MN


Apparel Academy

When: Mon, November 9th, 2019 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM CDT

Where: Clothier Design Source St Paul, MN

Essay contest submission date: Nov 1 by midnight

COST: $299

Attend The Apparel Academy and get a factory tour in one location and at one time!

Come to St. Paul in November and learn how to launch your apparel line on November 9th by attending this event.

Perfect for:

Apparel Entrepreneurs wanting to understand the apparel industry.

You will learn:
• The design process and how to make good decisions on construction and fabric
• The prototype/sampling process and how to find the right factory partner and how to evaluate your prototypes
• The tech pack/ Spec sheet process and how to read them/create them for your product(s)
• The manufacturing process and learn behind the scenes details.
• Tour our factory and development headquarters.

Also included:
• Networking time
• Q&A Time
• Class Materials including copies of the presentations, templates for tech
packs, fabric source lists and more!


1 on 1 Mini Academy

When: Dependent on schedule

Perfect for:

Apparel Entrepreneurs wanting to understand the apparel industry.

This academy is short in duration, but includes personalized attention to you and your project. Visit the facility and receive a one-on-one consult an apparel industry 101 lesson and tour the facility. You’re mini academy will be led by CDS owner, Mindy Martell and you will have an opportunity to meet some of the people who will be developing and manufacturing your designs. The consult is 2-3 hours and is $650 per brand (multiple people can attend).

COST: $650

Why should you attend The Apparel Academy?


 Join the Online Pre-Recorded Academy for FREE by

producing your clothing line with us. 

We have in an in-house staff of designers, pattern makers, sample makers and a factory waiting to help you create your clothing line or product(s). Should you choose to develop your line with us, we will include The Clothier 4 Step Academy with your development work. Contact us here for a free consult.



Online Academy Classes

Are you unable to attend the live stream or in-person academy? Watch and learn at your own speed on your own time. Download all 6 at once or one at a time.

You think it. We make it!



Attend the Apparel Academy for FREE — ENTER OUR ESSAY CONTEST!


You could win a spot at our 4-Step Academy! 5 classes in 1 day! On how to be the best new apparel entrepreneur. Take a virtual tour of our clothing factory and start formulating your plan to get your clothing line made.

When: November 9th 9am - 5pm PM CST

Where: Clothier Design Source St. Paul, MN  

Hosted by Mindy Martell, President, Clothier Design Source


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